Fashion Editorial: Darya by Martin Edwards

Dress – Josephine Bloom Undershirt – Stradivarius Jewellery - Accessorize

Darya is both a fashion model and a highly-skilled computer programmer at one of the world’s largest social media companies. I wanted to show her versatility at its best by working on a theme of Red and seeing what our team could accomplish together.

Undershirt – Stradivarius Top – Josephine Bloom Jewellery – Accessorize
Trousers – ASOS Undershirt – Stradivarius Top – Josephine Bloom Jewellery – Accessorize
Skirt – Boohoo Jumper – Lazy Oaf Tights – Accessorize Boots – New Look Jewellery – Accessorize
Suit – Asos Undershirt – Stradivarius Boots – New Look Jewellery – Accessorize
Jumpsuit – Lili Eva Bartha Boots – New Look Jewellery – Accessorize
Jumpsuit – Lili Eva Bartha Jewellery – Accessorize





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Alfonso Cuarón’s ROMA to be released theatrically in over 600 theaters worldwide

Netflix confirmed today that Academy Award® winning director and writer Alfonso Cuarón’s ROMA, produced by Esperanto Filmoj and Participant Media, will be released in over 100 theaters in the United States and more than 500 theaters internationally in over 40 countries, curated by Netflix by territory around the release of the film on the service on December 14th.

The theatrical presentation of the film began in the United States and Mexico on November 21, already selling out theatres in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, London and Toronto, among others.

The passion and pride from viewers in Mexico created a reported “ROMA fever”, leading to an increasing number of theaters reaching out to exhibit the film. ROMA will be in nearly 100 theaters throughout the country this weekend.

This weekend the film will continue its expansion, hitting nearly 50 theaters in the US and over 200 theaters internationally. The innovative roll-out allows consumers worldwide the opportunity to experience the film theatrically, both before and during the film’s global streaming release, where it will be available to over 130M people.

Photo by Carlos Somonte

The film premiered earlier this year at the Venice Film Festival where it took home the Golden Lion for best film and has played in nearly 70 film festivals to great acclaim worldwide. The film has received numerous accolades, including recently being named Best Picture of the year by the New York Film Critics Circle, a prestigious award from the American Film Institute and 3 Golden Globe Award nominations. All of this further affirming that this timely story about human condition demands to be seen.

“We love this film and our goal is to bring this cinematic experience to audiences everywhere, and our theatrical plan, combined with the reach of our service, has made ROMA an event film and cultural moment,” said Scott Stuber, head of Netflix’s film group. “ROMA has played in festivals all over the world and we’re expanding our theatrical engagements, not only in major markets, but also in places like Honduras, South Africa, and Iceland. When the film premieres on December 14, we will be in 600 theaters worldwide.”

“Alfonso and everyone at Participant believe strongly in the theatrical experience,” said David Linde, CEO of Participant Media. “Choice and increased audience diversity around the world are also very important, and this incredible combination of the two worlds is something very exciting.”

For theaters and showtimes in the U.S. and Canada please click here

BMW Vision iNext – The Vehicle Of The Future

The BMW Vision iNEXT provides an insight into the future of personal mobility. The latest Vision Vehicle from the BMW Group symbolizes the dawn of a new era in driving pleasure – and is celebrating its world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Far more than a vehicle alone, the BMW Vision iNEXT represents a building block for the future of the BMW Group, encompassing technology, design and new ways of thinking that are set to filter through across the company and its brands.

BMW Vision iNEXT

Human-centered design
Mobility is an intrinsic part of our lives, our experiences, our sensory beings. It is, in short, a basic human requirement. Consequently, deliberations about the future of mobility revolve more than ever around people, our emotions and our mobility needs and preferences. The possibilities offered by autonomous driving, electrification and ever-greater connectivity will in future open the door to completely new experiences and ways of shaping a journey by car. At the same time, they also promise to change our desires and lifestyle habits.

BMW Vision iNEXT

A boutique ambience on wheels
Drivers will have ever greater freedom to decide how they wish to use the time spent travelling in a car. The design of the vehicle’s interior will become increasingly important, with the feel-good factor playing a more prominent role. The all-electric BMW Vision iNEXT has therefore been created as a mobile space that offers real quality of life and addresses the need for a new “favourite space” in which we can be ourselves and relax. The resultant design exudes emotional appeal and conveys a positive sensation when entering the vehicle.

The geometry of the iNEXT cabin is composed of just a few, clean-cut lines, placing the focus on materials and colours. A mix of cloth and wood creates the kind of sophisticated feel associated with furniture design, helping to give the interior its special “boutique” character. The inside of the car is awash with warm, welcoming colours, such as the nude shade Purus Rosé, Brown and Beige, while the shimmering metallic Mystic Bronze accentuates their effect. The rear compartment is dominated by the petrol-coloured Enlighted Cloudburst cloth upholstery with its intricate Jacquard weave, which runs asymmetrically across the seat area and extends into the side panelling and parcel shelf.

BMW Vision iNEXT

Smart technology – integrated out of sight
Smart technologies will help people in an ever more unobtrusive way in the future. In the BMW Vision iNEXT, these technologies stay in the background and out of sight – hence the name Shy Tech – and are only deployed when needed or at the driver’s or passengers’ request. There is virtually no need for either screens or buttons. Functions can be operated using surfaces made of materials such as wood or cloth, like the Jacquard cloth upholstery in the BMW Vision iNEXT. Control of the vehicle is therefore tailored in every respect to the requirements of the people travelling in it.

BMW Vision iNEXT

The exterior: precision and clarity
The exterior of the BMW Vision iNEXT is also brimming with innovations. The new BMW i design language is clearly visible with its striking lines and clear forms, including powerfully sculpted surfaces curved like muscles onto the flanks. The stunning Liquid Greyrose Copper paint finish, which gradually changes in shade from warm copper to dark rose, projects unbridled dynamism and gives the exterior still greater impact.

The BMW Vision iNEXT features a very modern take on the classical BMW four-eyed front end, complete with super-slender headlights, while cameras (rather than exterior mirrors) show what’s happening behind. The windscreen merges seamlessly into a large panoramic roof, providing a clear view of the car’s innovative interior.

At the rear, the horizontal lines and surfaces create a wide and dynamic stance, and the slim rear lights cut deep into the car’s tail. The air flows along the roof of the BMW Vision iNEXT all the way to its trailing edge, and this combines with a diffuser – illuminated for extra effect – to enhance the car’s aerodynamics. The diffuser is an attractive styling element and a highly functional one, too: besides its positive influence over the Vision Car’s aerodynamics, it also increases electric range. Taking its cue from racing cars, the diffuser adds to the sporting presence for which BMWs are renowned – without a single exhaust tailpipe in sight.

BMW Vision iNEXT

World premiere in California
The BMW Vision iNEXT is celebrating its world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2018. The BMW Group’s Vision Car will herald the beginning of a new era in driving pleasure and mark the next step in the Munich-based company’s ongoing model offensive. The BMW iNEXT production model will roll off the assembly line at Plant Dingolfing from 2021, the new technological flagship transporting the company’s strategic innovation fields (D+ACES) onto the road.

Interview: Derek Riddell on Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

DEREK RIDDELL has appeared in some of the most exciting TV shows of the past decade. Most recently, he was seen opposite Kit Harrington in HBO’s ‘Gunpowder’ and in Hulu’s ‘Hard Sun’ alongside Jim Sturgess.

Having worked extensively as a television actor for more than two decades, Derek hits the big screen this Christmas in one of the most internationally anticipated films of the year – ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’. Starring with acting titans like Johnny Depp and Eddie Redmayne, this is Derek Riddell’s first adventure in the Wizarding World of ‘Harry Potter’.

AC: My first introduction to you was in ‘The Missing’ – in which you played an incredibly dark character. Does portraying a dark character ever affect you personally?

DEREK RIDDELL: On the whole no, certainly with ‘The Missing’ I was able to just snap in and out of the dark places when required, but I did a Channel 4 drama called ‘Forgiven’ many years ago which dealt with abuse within a family. Some of the scenes were incredibly challenging and I did notice that I wasn’t in the best frame of mind when I came home in the evenings. Saying that, of all the TV that I’ve done, ‘Forgiven’ is the piece of work of which I’m most proud.

Aside from your role in ‘Forgiven’, which characters have impacted you the most?

From a career point of view, ‘The Book Group’, again on Channel 4, was the programme that really changed things for me. Up till that point, I had mainly been doing theatre. Being cast against type and being allowed to play Rab – the slightly chavvy bisexual football obsessive – was a joy .The show was funny, smart and really well received within the business and it certainly opened a few doors for me.

What did the work of JK Rowling mean to you, before landing your role in ‘Fantastic Beasts’?

I had read a few of the ‘Harry Potter’ books and seen a few of the films and really enjoyed them, but in no way would I call myself a Potterhead. However, I loved the first ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movie and so obviously I was delighted to be cast in the sequel. Not as delighted however, as my children. They were ecstatic about me being involved. Possibly because it’s the first thing they’ve actually been allowed to watch me in!

How did you become involved in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise?

Initially I read with the casting director Fiona Weir, who put me on tape and that was followed by a meeting with David Yates, the director. I actually auditioned for a different role in the movie. That didn’t work out but David said he would still like me to be involved and was going to try and find me something else in the film. He was true to his word.

Why do you think the Wizarding World resonates so much with audiences, both here and internationally?

Deep down I think we’d all like to have magical powers wouldn’t we? I certainly know a few people I’d like to cast spells on. Its also the eternal battle of good versus evil, the complete escapism of that world and the fantastic characters that JK has created.

What can you tell us about Torquil Travers? How does your character fit into the story?

Travers is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic in London. When the ministry learns that Grindelwald is amassing followers in Paris, he has to try and round up a team people he feels might be capable of defeating him.

As an actor, what do you look for in a role?

I think all actors look for roles that challenge them, that are different from what they’ve done before. However there are other times when you just want to do something because it would be fun and there are nice people involved. I have a young family and as so many projects are filmed abroad these days, how long I would be away from home factors quite heavily in my choices as well.

Is there one thing that you’re particularly excited about for the future?

I don’t know what next year holds but I’m currently filming a six-part series for ITV called ‘A Confession’ alongside Martin Freeman, Imelda Staunton and Siobhan Finneran. With those three involved it’s bound to be good!





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Interview: Smash Mouth – The Quintessential 90s Band With A New Lease Of Life

(This exclusive interview was originally published in December 2016)

SMASH MOUTH will forever be remembered as a quintessential nineties band. In recent years, the band have found a new lease of life thanks to memes poking fun at their ties to ‘Shrek’ – a film which turned ‘All Star’ and ‘I’m A Believer’ into smash hits. The Californian band have released seven albums, including their most recent titled ‘Magic’ (2012).  After several years away from the spotlight, I wanted to find out about Smash Mouth’s plans for the future.

“We definitely want to do this forever”

AC: Between your first and second album, you music began to have more of a pop sound. What inspired that change?

STEVE HARWELL: We’ve always been a band in evolution because we all have different influences and it’s constantly in a blender. We were straight up punk rock before ska sounds entered the picture. ‘Walkin On The Sun’ went to number one, so that put us on a much higher importance level at our record label and raised the bar big time. We also supported U2 on a tour early-on and we quickly learned we needed bigger songs with more elements to stand up with those type of cats and those size arenas.

You’ve created so many hits, which song do you still enjoy performing more than the rest?

Probably our Van Halen covers, that’s fun because the crowd never expects it and it always works. That’s one band we all agree on and all were fans of.

With the emergence of platforms like iTunes and Spotify, how much easier is it for you to put your music out there, compared to 18 years ago?

It should be easier, we just need to embrace it better. We can just release songs and videos all the time without restraints like this one. No labels, no publishing companies, no lawyers – just creation and release.

What is yet to come for Smash Mouth?

Our twenty-year anniversary is next year so we are releasing a surprise album to celebrate our first album ‘Fush Yu Mang’. Can’t say much about it yet but it’s super cool. We’re working on it right now. We will also keep performing live including a killer tour next summer. We performed on ‘The Today Show’ on Halloween in front of 45 Million TV viewers and there’s currently a Geico commercial mentioning us and that’s rad and a nice springboard into 2017. We definitely want to do this forever!


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