Alfonso Cuarón’s ROMA to be released theatrically in over 600 theaters worldwide

Netflix confirmed today that Academy Award® winning director and writer Alfonso Cuarón’s ROMA, produced by Esperanto Filmoj and Participant Media, will be released in over 100 theaters in the United States and more than 500 theaters internationally in over 40 countries, curated by Netflix by territory around the release of the film on the service on December 14th.

The theatrical presentation of the film began in the United States and Mexico on November 21, already selling out theatres in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, London and Toronto, among others.

The passion and pride from viewers in Mexico created a reported “ROMA fever”, leading to an increasing number of theaters reaching out to exhibit the film. ROMA will be in nearly 100 theaters throughout the country this weekend.

This weekend the film will continue its expansion, hitting nearly 50 theaters in the US and over 200 theaters internationally. The innovative roll-out allows consumers worldwide the opportunity to experience the film theatrically, both before and during the film’s global streaming release, where it will be available to over 130M people.

Photo by Carlos Somonte

The film premiered earlier this year at the Venice Film Festival where it took home the Golden Lion for best film and has played in nearly 70 film festivals to great acclaim worldwide. The film has received numerous accolades, including recently being named Best Picture of the year by the New York Film Critics Circle, a prestigious award from the American Film Institute and 3 Golden Globe Award nominations. All of this further affirming that this timely story about human condition demands to be seen.

“We love this film and our goal is to bring this cinematic experience to audiences everywhere, and our theatrical plan, combined with the reach of our service, has made ROMA an event film and cultural moment,” said Scott Stuber, head of Netflix’s film group. “ROMA has played in festivals all over the world and we’re expanding our theatrical engagements, not only in major markets, but also in places like Honduras, South Africa, and Iceland. When the film premieres on December 14, we will be in 600 theaters worldwide.”

“Alfonso and everyone at Participant believe strongly in the theatrical experience,” said David Linde, CEO of Participant Media. “Choice and increased audience diversity around the world are also very important, and this incredible combination of the two worlds is something very exciting.”

For theaters and showtimes in the U.S. and Canada please click here

Interview: Derek Riddell on Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

DEREK RIDDELL has appeared in some of the most exciting TV shows of the past decade. Most recently, he was seen opposite Kit Harrington in HBO’s ‘Gunpowder’ and in Hulu’s ‘Hard Sun’ alongside Jim Sturgess.

Having worked extensively as a television actor for more than two decades, Derek hits the big screen this Christmas in one of the most internationally anticipated films of the year – ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’. Starring with acting titans like Johnny Depp and Eddie Redmayne, this is Derek Riddell’s first adventure in the Wizarding World of ‘Harry Potter’.

Derek Riddell by Joseph Sinclair

AC: My first introduction to you was in ‘The Missing’ – in which you played an incredibly dark character. Does portraying a dark character ever affect you personally?

DEREK RIDDELL: On the whole no, certainly with ‘The Missing’ I was able to just snap in and out of the dark places when required, but I did a Channel 4 drama called ‘Forgiven’ many years ago which dealt with abuse within a family. Some of the scenes were incredibly challenging and I did notice that I wasn’t in the best frame of mind when I came home in the evenings. Saying that, of all the TV that I’ve done, ‘Forgiven’ is the piece of work of which I’m most proud.

Aside from your role in ‘Forgiven’, which characters have impacted you the most?

From a career point of view, ‘The Book Group’, again on Channel 4, was the programme that really changed things for me. Up till that point, I had mainly been doing theatre. Being cast against type and being allowed to play Rab – the slightly chavvy bisexual football obsessive – was a joy .The show was funny, smart and really well received within the business and it certainly opened a few doors for me.

What did the work of JK Rowling mean to you, before landing your role in ‘Fantastic Beasts’?

I had read a few of the ‘Harry Potter’ books and seen a few of the films and really enjoyed them, but in no way would I call myself a Potterhead. However, I loved the first ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movie and so obviously I was delighted to be cast in the sequel. Not as delighted however, as my children. They were ecstatic about me being involved. Possibly because it’s the first thing they’ve actually been allowed to watch me in!

How did you become involved in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise?

Initially I read with the casting director Fiona Weir, who put me on tape and that was followed by a meeting with David Yates, the director. I actually auditioned for a different role in the movie. That didn’t work out but David said he would still like me to be involved and was going to try and find me something else in the film. He was true to his word.

Why do you think the Wizarding World resonates so much with audiences, both here and internationally?

Deep down I think we’d all like to have magical powers wouldn’t we? I certainly know a few people I’d like to cast spells on. Its also the eternal battle of good versus evil, the complete escapism of that world and the fantastic characters that JK has created.

What can you tell us about Torquil Travers? How does your character fit into the story?

Travers is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic in London. When the ministry learns that Grindelwald is amassing followers in Paris, he has to try and round up a team people he feels might be capable of defeating him.

As an actor, what do you look for in a role?

I think all actors look for roles that challenge them, that are different from what they’ve done before. However there are other times when you just want to do something because it would be fun and there are nice people involved. I have a young family and as so many projects are filmed abroad these days, how long I would be away from home factors quite heavily in my choices as well.

Is there one thing that you’re particularly excited about for the future?

I don’t know what next year holds but I’m currently filming a six-part series for ITV called ‘A Confession’ alongside Martin Freeman, Imelda Staunton and Siobhan Finneran. With those three involved it’s bound to be good!





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Video Q&A: Jonathan Bennett on his ‘MEAN GIRLS’ cookbook

Over a decade ago, JONATHAN BENNETT received his breakout acting role with ‘MEAN GIRLS’ – a comedy film which has since gained an international cult following.

After a sudden spark of inspiration, Jonathan began developing a cookbook inspired by many of the catchphrases featured in ‘Mean Girls’. In an exclusive Video Q&A, Jonathan answers the burning questions about his new book.

Interview: John Magaro on ‘OVERLORD’ & ‘JACK RYAN’

JOHN MAGARO is at the height of his powers. You may recognize John from his roles in critically acclaimed films such as ‘The Big Short’ and ‘Carol’, or for his roles in smash-hit television shows like ‘Orange Is The New Black’ and ‘The Good Wife’.

John’s role in the new JJ Abrams-produced war-horror ‘Overlord’ is getting major box-office buzz. The film follows American soldiers who get stuck behind enemy lines after D-Day and discover secret Nazi experiments.

Alongside this, John Magaro is also starring in Amazon Original Series ‘Jack Ryan’ – supporting John Krasinski who stars in the titular role of a CIA Analyst.

JAIMEE: You’re starring in JJ Abrams’ new film ‘Overlord’ – which looks intense, to say the least. Can you tell us a bit about your character?

JOHN MAGARO: I play Tibbet, who is a hard ass, tough talking New Yorker. He is a good soldier, but is no nonsense and does not trust Boyce, whose up to the job at hand.

What kind of training did you endure for your role?

We were lucky enough to take part in a week long boot camp. Once we arrived in London, we were sent out to the country where we were trained by Sargent Freddie Farnsworth. It was an uncomfortable, alien situation where we had to rise or sink as a team. He did everything he could to whip us into shape as 1940s elite soldiers. My knees still feel the pain of those endless miles of humps up and down hills.

What excited you about the script when you first read it?

Killing Nazis, the ultimate bad guy! I also was drawn to the element of super soldiers.

Some early fans are calling the movie “Inglorious Bastards with Zombies” – how would you describe it?

I think that is a fair way to describe it, but would also throw in Indiana Jones, Alien and Saving Private Ryan into that mix. It’s like a buffet of classics with a little extra spice.

It’s bad enough to be in a war zone, but then to come across some crazy secret experiments would be absolutely unnerving. How would you have reacted if you were thrust into this situation?

Run! Run away fast! Although I will never forget what Sargent told us: that some of the worst soldiers in his unit are actually the ones who rise to the challenge and show extreme courage and bravery – so I hope that would be how I would actually react!

Does it ever take a bit of a toll on your well being dealing with such emotional and at times painful subject matter, as within war zones? If so, how do you keep morale up?

Luckily we are actors so we get to go home at night and sleep in a beautiful hotel and eat amazing food, so I could never even begin to compare myself to a real soldier. Every role takes some sort of toll on you simply because of how much emotion goes into each role. When telling a story about soldiers all I can hope for is that we honor them in an appropriate way.

What was the most challenging part about getting into your role?

The equipment. It’s heavy!

When you were a kid in Ohio, what was one role in a film or play which helped inspire your love of the art form?

Two things, first Brando, Pacino, and Cazale in ‘The Godfather’. That film changed what how I saw acting. And when I was in school in Pittsburgh a production of ‘Top Dog Underdog’. An amazing actor Ray Anthony Thomas blew me away and made me realize how honest and vulnerable and actor can be. I still try and apply those lessons to my work.

You’ve played a wide variety of roles in your career already and starred alongside some of Hollywood’s most renowned, but what’s still on your acting bucket list?

I’d love to direct and produce. I am now starting to dip my toes into that world more. I never talk about who I still want to work with because I worry I will jinx it. I guess I’m just too superstitious.

You also play Victor in ‘Jack Ryan’. How has it been working with John Krasinski and the rest of the cast?

My story was a bit separate from John’s but he was lovely when we did chat. Carlton Cruse, Graham Roland, and Patricia Riggen but together a fantastic group of people and were so committed to telling that in an exciting way. Plus, shooting in Montreal and Morocco was such a thrilling thing.

You play a drone pilot; at this point, is it safe to say you have a bit of a love affair with war stories?

[Laughs] You could say that. I mean it is many little boy’s dreams to play soldiers. We did that as kids in the woods of my neighborhood, Playing war. I think its just a coincidence that currently I am playing a lot of soldiers I never set out to play so many soldiers, but I think a large number of film roles for guys my age just so happen to be soldiers. Ten years ago I only played students and in ten years from now I’ll probably be playing mostly doctors or lawyers. I guess that’s just how this business goes.

What’s one thing you’ve learned in your career this year that you would share with up and coming actors?

I always tell young actors to work hard, Read as much as you can and watch as many great films and theater. A smart and well rounded actor is a valuable thing.

Is there one misconception you think people may have of you or actors in general?

I think people tend to think of actors as almost alien, unapproachable, aloof, selfish. But, I have found most (even the biggest of names) to be kind, real, and extremely generous. Actors for the most part are pretty normal folks.

What’s your favourite horror film of all time?

‘Rosemary’s Baby’. B-Film: ‘Killer Klowns from Outter Space’.

What’s one series that’s premiering soon that you can’t wait to see and why?

I just saw the first episode of ‘The Romanoffs’ and now I am hooked. I need to see the rest.



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Interview: Liam Gallagher on his new album ‘As You Were’

Interview: Jess Glynne – The Return Of A Chart-Topping Powerhouse

Interview: Tom Odell – The Songwriter Finding Home Again

Interview: X Ambassadors are blurring genre lines

Interview: Nothing But Thieves talk about Korean Fans & Touring

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Interview: Gary Numan talks Concept Albums, Religion & Global Warming

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Interview: Danielle Rose Russell takes center stage on CW’s ‘Legacies’

After being cast last year in the fifth and final season of The CW television series ‘The Originals’, DANIELLE ROSE RUSSELL is continuing in her role as Hope Mikaelson in the highly anticipated spin-off ‘Legacies’.

Danielle was last seen in the critically acclaimed ‘Wonder’ opposite Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay.

AC: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ have both become huge hits. How will ‘Legacies’ link to the two shows?

DANIELLE ROSE RUSSELL: While ‘Legacies’ is definitely rooted in both ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’, it honestly is a show all on its own. Everything you need to know about the show is explained in the first couple of episodes. ‘Legacies’ obviously follows characters who have been a part of the universe for quite some time, and there are Easter eggs here and there of that history. But that being said, it’s a show that has the sexy, twisted romance of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and the action-packed plotlines like ‘The Originals’, while bringing humor, teenage angst, and a whole new world of supernatural to the table.

Did your castmates from ‘The Originals’ give you any advice ahead of filming?

A little bit, but when we were filming ‘The Originals’, no one even knew whether or not ‘Legacies’ was going to happen. But I must say, they all created an atmosphere on set that was so professional, fun, and creative. I knew I wanted to carry that on to our set, too.

Are there any funny stories to tell from San Diego Comic Con? Was that your first time there?

It was! It was a bit of whirlwind, but I really enjoyed being there. My friend Jeanine Mason and I were both bonding over how insane it all was when we were at dinner and my sticky rice spilled everywhere. I guess I didn’t notice that it had gotten on one of my heels until we stepped outside and there were people taking pictures everywhere. I looked down and went to clean it up, until I realized that it probably was better to just leave it there. I’m sure someone has a picture somewhere of me and Jeanine trying to get the rice off of my shoe.

Do you have a favorite line of dialogue that your character Hope says in the upcoming season?

“I’m a tribrid…the only one of my kind. No one can represent my interests but me.”

What keeps you excited as an actor?

I could go on and on with that question, but recently, I’m genuinely loving creating a character in the long-term. Before ‘The Originals’, I had primarily focused on doing film in my career. Getting to create a character for a couple of years and go through experiences with her has been so rewarding and exciting.

The show premieres just ahead of Halloween. How do you spend Halloween?

Halloween is my birthday, so naturally I’m going to dress up. I don’t care how old I am, I will never not have an excuse to be a little kid on Halloween. Honestly though, this year I’m most likely going to be working, but don’t think I’m not showing up to work in a full-on costume!

If you could have a supernatural power in real life, what would it be?

I’d want to fly. I love traveling, and if I could fly anywhere I wanted at any time, I’d be the happiest girl on the planet.


What’s the strangest food combo you’ve ever had?

Pickles and peanut butter. I know it sounds scary, but it’s a game changer. You’ll thank me.

Everyone has a cool app idea, what’s yours?

What if I actually invent it though? I don’t want to give my million dollar idea away!

Would you rather be at a mountain hideaway or a beach house?

I grew up in the mountains, so beach house.

What is the furthest you’ve been from home?

Honestly not that far. I’m away from home a lot, but I think the furthest I’ve been is Hawaii. I grew up on the east coast so that’s still sufficiently far away, I guess.

Last book you read?

‘Bad Feminist’ by Roxane Gay. It’s an extremely powerful compilation of essays that explores the ups and downs of being a feminist in this day and age.

Advice to your younger self?

Know that everything has a purpose in your life and will work itself out. But mostly, relax and embrace every step of the journey for what it is, even the challenging parts.



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Interview: Liam Gallagher on his new album ‘As You Were’

Interview: Jess Glynne – The Return Of A Chart-Topping Powerhouse

Interview: Tom Odell – The Songwriter Finding Home Again

Interview: X Ambassadors are blurring genre lines

Interview: Nothing But Thieves talk about Korean Fans & Touring

Interview: Blossoms on directing their music videos and their new album

Interview: Gary Numan talks Concept Albums, Religion & Global Warming

Interview: The Hunna – The Rock Band Fueled With Indie Energy