FIONN WHITEHEAD is set to star in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

In 2017, Fionn Whitehead was the human face of Dunkirk’s mass evacuation in Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-winning war film. Now, the 21-year old actor is set to star in a standalone Black Mirror movie on Netflix.

The dystopian anthology series has developed a cult-following in the space of only a few years, with each genre-bending episode exploring the social implications of technology.

Fionn Whitehead recently returned to the big screen in Richard Eyre’s film The Children Act, opposite Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci. Before Dunkirk, Whitehead landed his first acting role in the 2016 ITV series Him.

Anticipation for a fifth season of Black Mirror had been building for months, after nearly a year of inactivity from official social media accounts. Earlier this month, a mysterious tweet from Netflix appeared to revealed that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch would stream from December 28.

When browsing for the upcoming feature-length movie on Netflix, it appears that Bandersnatch is being kept away from box-sets of prior seasons, suggesting it’s something of a standalone piece.

The word Bandersnatch was coined by Lewis Carroll in his 1872 book Through The Looking Glass, which described the Bandersnatch as a a mythical, bloodthirsty creature. Alternatively, the title of the Black Mirror installment could be in reference to an ill-fated 1984 video game of the same name. When you consider that show creator Charlie Brooker used to be a gaming journalist, the latter theory seems more likely.

Back in October, it was reported that Netflix was planning a “choose-your-own-adventure” installment of the series, where viewers can make decisions on where a storyline should go next. It is now believed that Bandersnatch could be that installment.

Black Mirror recently triumphed at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, winning the category of Outstanding TV Movie for a second year in a row.