JOSEPH J JONES has just released his debut mini-album ‘Built On Broken Bones Vol.1’. You could quite literally say that Joseph has fought his way to stardom – after spending his adolescence as an amateur boxer in his native Hornchurch, Joseph then moved on from fighting to singing in the East End. It wasn’t long before his talent was spotted by a record label and his career as a musician began.

AC: Is boxing still something that enters your mind regularly?

JOSEPH: Yeah but if I’m being honest it’s more in in line with what I am doing creatively. But I still train regularly though if that’s what you mean.

Would you ever consider a return to boxing?

No. You gotta have the correct mentality and fully commit to getting back in the ring. I love a scrap in the ring every now and then though when training.

Is it true that the artwork for your new single ‘Tears & ‘Tequila’ is a homage to your Dad?

The artwork is a photo taken of my mum and dad when they were both 18-30s reps so it fitted well into the story of the song. It’s just a sick pic really.

How influential has your family been on your music?

Very. I come from family of musicians and entertainers so you could say it’s in my blood. My Grandad was a jazz guitarist, Nan a concert pianist, cousins a singer, uncles a drummer and everyone can hold a note.

Growing up, what kind of music were you exposed to?

A lot of Jazz from my Mum’s side, Sinatra, Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughn etc. My dad is a huge late 50s/early 60s Elvis fan. Our house was filled with music all the time.

Tell us about the inspiration for the title of your upcoming album. Is it a reflection on yourself?

Yeah. There was apart of my life that the title reflects upon just before I wrote most of this stuff. I was getting into a lot of trouble. I got jumped, took a kicking and was not in a good way. Gets you down and I was angry and ready to give up making music. I wanted to just fade away I guess but I got a message from the grave from my Grandad Fred to sort my shit out and carry on.

So I did. Built on Broken Bones.

Does this theme continue throughout the album?

I guess so. The album is more about a period of time and a random collection of stories that happened within that period. There’s anger, revenge, regret and hope amongst some other stuff. But main thing for me is all these songs appeared from the moment I got fucked up and decided to correct my life.

Did you write the tracks as a collective?

I write with a pretty small team. I am not into the go work with anyone mentality. I also have to trust the people I write with so that scales it right down!

It’s funny I’ve sort of moved on from these songs a bit and I’m cooking up my next body of work which feels different but this is an honest snapshot of where I was when I was in a bad place so I sadly but happily look back on it

Do you have a writing process?

Not really. I really try to write a song totally differently to the last. I spend a fair bit of time honing stuff but it always starts off like going into therapy!

We’re asking people to give us their five go-to tunes right now, what are yours?

Ghetts – ‘Preach’

Skepta – ‘Shut down’

Bobby Caldwell – ‘What you won’t do for love’

The Streets – ‘Dry your eyes mate’

Frank Sinatra – ‘One For My Baby’

Listen to Joseph’s debut mini-album ‘Built On Broken Bones Vol.1’ here


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