Mireille Enos

“It was already clear we were making something gripping just from the pictures.”

It didn’t take long for MIREILLE ENOS to come back and grace our television screens once again. With back-to-back series lead hits in AMC’s ‘The Killing’ and ABC’s ‘The Catch’, Enos is the gift that keeps on giving. Mireille’s latest project is something of a departure from her previous work, as a standalone sci-fi thriller in an Amazon Original anthology series – ‘Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams’- based on various stories written by the prolific Philip K. Dick (‘Blade Runner’). Enos described ‘Blade Runner’ as one of her “favorite films” to me, that ultimately served as her “introduction to Philip K. Dick’s work”. “His worlds are remarkably vivid and varied, which makes his work the perfect candidate for an anthology series.” she said. Enos co-stars alongside Greg Kinnear as the parents of a disturbed child in the story ‘The Father Thing’, in which their child believes that humans are gradually being replaced by dangerous aliens. As Charlie (Jack Gore) begins to realise that his Father (Kinnear) has been corrupted by aliens, he looks to protect his mother (Enos) from his father’s new underlying sinister persona. ‘The Father Thing’ hits all the right notes with its perfect mix of a teen coming-of-age story and family drama.

AC: ‘The Father Thing’ begins with the feel of an indie horror film and then almost heads into thriller-like territory, were you given a vision on-set as to what it would feel like?

MIREILLE: I loved looking at the shot set-ups. The images were so moody and beautiful. It was already clear we were making something gripping just from the pictures.

Is it more challenging to get into character for a standalone-anthology episode as opposed to a character spanning an entire season?

Preparation for every project is slightly different, depending on the material. Length of the story doesn’t make it more or less difficult, and every piece is a puzzle to solve in its own special way. The differences keep the work fun and interesting.

What was your interpretation of the message behind the story?

I think “The Father Thing” is a celebration of the human spirit and our unfailing drive to survive and protect our own. It is about our inspiring bravery. The special difference in this piece is our heroes are little boys!

Enos alongside Greg Kinnear in ‘The Father Thing’ (‘Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams’).

The film ends with ‘#RESIST’ – a hashtag that has also been used in the current political climate – was this a hidden message?

#Resist isn’t a hidden message. I think it’s a clear, overt message that can be applied to any subjugating misuse of power, whether small and personal or one playing out in a global political arena.

With an increased emphasis on women directing, is this something you have considered or have been offered?

I don’t think I am a director. I don’t see stories in pictures from the outside, and I don’t read a scene and imagine where the camera is. Instead, I feel the internal rhythms or the tension between two characters’ needs. I love directors and love working as a team with the directors I’ve admired, but I don’t think it’s my particular gift.

In 2011, Enos received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her work in ‘The Killing’. With her work on ‘The Catch’ coming to an end last year and this outlandish role in ‘Electric Dreams’, I was intrigued as to what kind of projects Mireille is now looking to work on.

Off the back of your success in ‘The Killing’, what kind of projects do you now find yourself naturally drawn to?

I’m drawn to good writing, no matter the genre. I love stories of all different styles as long as the writing is smart, curious and authentic.

Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams begins streaming on Amazon Video globally from January 12.



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