Now two years after their debut album ‘VHS’, X Ambassadors give us details on their highly-anticipated upcoming second album.

AC: You’re often described as a rock band — but how would you describe yourselves?

X AMBASSADORS: Genre lines are so blurry in this day an age, that I don’t even know what is considered rock anymore. We’ve always taken influences from so many different types of music, new and old, and we’ve always been proud of the fact that people can’t seem to categorize us easily.

Which song are you most proud of to date?

We are always trying to write better and better songs, so we tend to be most proud of our most recent material. I’d say right now, it’s a tie between our new song ‘Ahead Of Myself’, and another new one we’ve started to play live, but haven’t released yet.

Is it during Live Performances that you decide which songs you like the best?

These days, we generally record an entire song before ever playing it live. I’d say for me personally, I do at least discover which songs of ours I like the best by playing them live. As we tour and keep playing the songs, they evolve a bit too, and sometimes I’ll find whole new depth to songs we’ve played for ages.

Is there a new album coming? How many songs are you working on?

We are actually in the final mixing and mastering phase of making our new album, but I can’t give too many details away cause, you know, it’d ruin the surprise. All I’ll say is that it’s a full length album of entirely new material. So far, the only song from it you’ve heard so far is the first single, ‘Ahead Of Myself’.

Who has been designing the merchandise? Was that a collaborative effort?

Honestly, it’s mostly my brother (the lead singer), our manager, and a few artists and designers we’ve met over the years. We’re going to be doing a lot of new merch to go with the new album, so keep your eyes peeled. We’re pretty excited about the new designs.


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