Hottest Record Of The Week: Sigala’s ‘Just Got Paid’ (7th Sept 2018)

British artist, DJ and producer SIGALA releases his brand new single ‘Just Got Paid’, with Ella Eyre and Meghan Trainor feat. French Montana. It is the follow-up to his last official single, the Top 10, platinum-selling ‘Lullaby’ featuring Paloma Faith.

Sigala recently reached the landmark of having one billion Spotify streams across his single releases. To date, he has already had seven UK Top 10 singles, eight global Platinum singles, and eight global Gold singles whilst racking up over 575k UK radio plays since launching in July 2015, including six Top 10 airplay hits and a number one hit with ‘Lullaby’ that is also the fourth biggest airplay hit at UK radio this year – making him one of the most consistent British artists of the past four years at radio

Listen to Sigala’s ‘Just Got Paid’ here

Interview: Liam Gallagher on his new album ‘As You Were’

The ROCK AND ROLL ICON is back to stay. After stating almost two years ago on his infamous Twitter Account that he had no intentions to pursue a solo career, LIAM GALLAGHER now finds himself gearing up for a solo tour — off the back of his upcoming debut album — that will take him through to 2018.

AC: Are you going to be tweaking and changing things on the record right up until the release? Is that something you’ve ever done with your music?

LIAM: The record has been finished for a bit now. I don’t intend to revisit it. I’ve never been one to come back to it numerous times; I’m not a muso like that.

How many names had the album gone through before you landed on ‘As You Were’?

Just the one. It was originally going to be called ‘BOLD’ which is a track on the item but then I got bored of it and stuck with ‘As you Were’.

You’ve released a couple of music videos recently, Do you come up with the concept for them?

God no — I don’t particularly enjoy doing music videos. With Wall of Glass, I definitely wanted to recreate Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter the Dragon’ with all the mirrors and stuff as I love all his films so I did have a bit of an input but not too much; it was mainly the director Francois Rousselet.

A lot of kids are starting to listen to your music, are you surprised by that?

Yes I am. Especially in this day and age when they’ve been getting told that Rock n Roll is dead and guitar music is over. The crowds seem to be getting younger which I appreciate; there’s kids down in the crowd that are the same age as my kids — so I guess the people who used to come and see Oasis have passed it down to their kids.

Who are you writing this record for?

I wrote this record for me primarily but also my millions of fans around the world.

Have you got any expectations as to how many sales you want the album to achieve?

I don’t judge success on record sales, I judge it on people taking it into their hearts and souls; people being inspired to play and make music. If it touches one person then that’s a result for me.

Liam Gallagher’s debut solo album ‘As You Were’ is now available globally.


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Hottest Record Of The Week: Lido’s ‘Corner Love’ (31st Aug 2018)

Fresh off the success of July’s critically praised single ‘3 Million’, acclaimed producer, singer, songwriter and recording artist LIDO dropped his new track ‘Corner Love’ featuring Norwegian Hip-Hop/R&B artist Unge Ferrari (which translates to “young Ferrari”).

‘Corner Love’ displays Lido’s strengths, bringing a unique variety of instruments, vocals and background layers. Unge Ferrari’s contribution brings an intensity that organically compliments Lido’s signature production and emotionally driven tone. Additional guest background vocals on the track come from acclaimed actors Colin Gilliard and Daniel Kaluuya (‘Get Out’, ‘Black Panther’), who have a long friendship with Lido from his time in Los Angeles.

Listen to Lido’s ‘Corner Love’ here

Interview: Gary Numan talks Concept Albums, Religion & Global Warming

Acclaimed as the pioneer of electronic music, GARY NUMAN achieved his peak of mainstream popularity in the late 70s and early 80s. His latest body of work comes with real meaning and significance, crafted around unarguably one of the most topical issues at the moment. Humble, unapologetic, the creative visionary Gary Numan is at the height of this career.

AC: You’ve talked about the concept of the album centering around a post-apocalyptic, post-global warming world. When did you first start to really think about global warming?

GARY: Many, many years ago, although I can’t remember exactly when it first hit home. The album is taken from a book that I’ve been working on for many years. An embarrassing amount of time to be honest as it’s still nowhere near finished. But, to be perfectly honest, that book has only recently taken on the idea of global warming as a reason for the world in the story being the way it is. I started the album in late 2015 and the idea for making the story, both the book and the album, revolve around a global warming catastrophe started about then. It was encouraged massively by the arrival of Donald Trump into the political landscape, his views on climate change and his decision to pull the US out of the Paris Accord in particular I am a great believer in climate change and the threat it poses for the future of the world and so his ignorance is especially worrying. In recent years the reality of climate change has become increasingly worrying and so I saw the success of the Paris agreement as an incredible moment, when almost the entire world agreed and was willing to do something noble. Then Trump arrived. It made writing the album a far more meaningful experience for me than I think it would have been otherwise.

Would you say that the themes of the album are even more relevant in the current international political climate?

I would never claim that the album is an accurate prediction of how things might be. I’m not intelligent enough to even begin to know how things might turn out if we fail to stop the planet’s temperature rising. Savage is probably laughable to anyone that really understands the problem. But, in its own small way, it does raise the issue and makes it a talking point for a few people here and there, and that can only be a good thing. Given the current political situation I would say the themes of the album are extremely relevant.

Are your feelings towards religion changing in any way? Is it a topic that enters your mind regularly?

My feelings about religion are not changing at all. I dislike religion intensely. Religion is at the root of so much suffering, so much hatred. I have no belief in God, any God, and I’m glad of that. To look around at the world, and at the history of the world and to believe that a God created all that, and allows it to continue? Who wouldn’t be truly terrified of a God that did that? No, it’s all nonsense, but it does a huge amount of damage on a global scale.

What is your favourite track on the album and why?

‘Ghost Nation’. The song looks at a group of people that are so horrified by what they witness mankind becoming after the Earth is devastated by global warming, especially once the dark cloud of religion reappears, that they hide themselves deep within the most ferociously inhospitable part of the world. They find ways of adapting and surviving in a place that no-one else will even dare go near. They become the dead Ghost Nation. I just love the idea of that, it’s got a cool groove as well and one of the best chorus lines I think I’ve ever written.

Are there some other narratives that you are considering exploring in future bodies of work?

The next big task for me is to finish the book. If I can get that done within the next year or two, once this next batch of touring is over, I will at least know if I can write or not. If the answer is yes, then I definitely have other ideas that I’d like to explore in that way. If I’m rubbish, which is very possible unfortunately, I’ll just keep making albums and speaking that way.

Gary Numan’s new album ‘Savage’ is available now.

Interview: Nothing But Thieves talk about Korean Fans & Touring

Now with the release of their second album ‘Broken Machine’, Nothing But Thieves are continuing their path upwards – after their first album which climbed the charts in 2015 and their sell-out tour which followed. Since then, they have supported Muse on tour and have recently played to a crowd of more than half a million at Woodstock Festival in Poland.

AC: You’re music is being used a lot in adverts and commercials from the Madden Football Game to BBC’s Poldark, have you ever unintentionally stumbled across your own music?

NOTHING BUT THIEVES: Yes, in a pub in Essex. Definitely didn’t have friends who worked there. Definitely not.

From all of the places you’ve played recently, which has been your favourite? Which other countries have you seen take a big unexpected interest in your sound?

That’s hard because so many countries we’ve played have been amazing. We get a crazy turn out in places like Poland and Holland. I always enjoy playing those two. The one we didn’t expect to be so huge was in South Korea. We showed up to this festival thinking we’d play to a couple hundred new fans and we played to over 15,000 Koreans. Just mental.

With your first album charting really high upon release, do you have any targets for how well you want your new album to do?

I just want it to continue our success. The path upwards is very enjoyable and I want to stay on it. I’ve heard the path downwards has loads of slugs and used condoms on it. I want stay far away from it. I want to stay away from the used condoms pleased.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

That’s tough. I have eleven babies how can you make me pick one? To be honest, it switches depending on my mood, as all albums should. Currently loving ‘I was just a kid’. Just madness. Can’t wait to play it live.

In the future, which other acts do you hope to one day support of their tours?

I’d love to support Radiohead or Foo [Fighters] mainly because they’re our collective band favourites. Can you just imagine.

Nothing But Thieves’ new album ‘Broken Machine’ is available now.


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