Interview: Liam Gallagher on his new album ‘As You Were’

Liam Gallagher Photoshoot 2017The Mancunian icon is back to stay. After stating almost two years ago on his infamous Twitter Account that he had no intentions to pursue a solo career, Liam Gallagher now finds himself gearing up for a tour — off the back of his upcoming debut album — that will take him through to 2018

AC: Are you going to be tweaking and changing things on the record right up until the release? Is that something you’ve ever done with your music?

LIAM: The record has been finished for a bit now. I don’t intend to revisit it. I’ve never been one to come back to it numerous times; I’m not a muso like that.

‘As You Were’ consists of 12 tracks (plus an extra three on the Deluxe Edition), which comes in at just under 45 minutes.

AC: How many names had the album gone through before you landed on ‘As You Were’?
LG: Just the one. It was originally going to be called BOLD which is a track on the item but then I got bored of it and stuck with ‘As you Were’.
Liam Gallagher Photoshoot
It was on June 1st that Liam Gallagher released his first single from the album — ‘Wall Of Glass’. The song was backed with a disorienting video that showed Gallagher staring into a mirror, but only his expression sings back.
AC: You’ve released a couple of music videos recently, Do you come up with the concept for them?
LG: God no — I don’t particularly enjoy doing music videos. With Wall of Glass, I definitely wanted to recreate Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter the Dragon’ with all the mirrors and stuff as I love all his films so I did have a bit of an input but not too much; it was mainly the director Francois Rousselet.
This year Liam Gallagher has already performed at the fundraising gig — One Love Manchester, Glastonbury in June and recently Lollapalooza in Chicago; all noticeably to a younger generation as well as Oasis fans from the 90s.


Liam Gallagher Photoshoot 2017

AC: A lot of kids are starting to listen to your music, are you surprised by that?
LG: Yes I am. Especially in this day and age when they’ve been getting told that Rock n Roll is dead and guitar music is over. The crowds seem to be getting younger which I appreciate; there’s kids down in the crowd that are the same age as my kids — so I guess the people who used to come and see Oasis have passed it down to their kids.
AC: Who are you writing this record for?
LG: I wrote this record for me primarily but also my millions of fans around the world.
AC: Have you got any expectations as to how many sales you want the album to achieve?
LG: I don’t judge success on record sales, I judge it on people taking it into their hearts and souls; people being inspired to play and make music. If it touches one person then that’s a result for me.


Liam Gallagher’s debut solo album ‘As You Were’ is now available globally.


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